Get more idea about the block, proc, lambda and currying in Ruby.

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array = [1,2,3,4] do |ele|
end { |ele| do_something }

Let’s explore functional thinking and what it entails wrt Ruby.

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# Ruby way
def first_odd(array)…

Ruby is an object oriented programming language.

tommy =“tommy”)

One day I stumbled upon this awesome site called “Exercism”. It mainly focuses on improving your skills via Deep Practice & Crowdsourced Mentorship, Strengthening your problem-solving skills by guiding others through the process.


  1. Am I adhering to the Single Responsibility Principle?
  2. Is all my code on the same abstraction level?
  3. Can I combine conditional clauses?
  4. How does my API look to clients of this code (i.e. how do other classes interact with this class)?
  5. Do I have duplication?
  6. What requirements…

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