Get more idea about the block, proc, lambda and currying in Ruby.

Let’s dive-in into what blocks, procs and lambdas are and how to use them.


Blocks are the most common way to pass around references to functions in Ruby. They open the door to some classy looking DSLs by making it super easy and readable to pass functions as arguments, example:

Let’s explore functional thinking and what it entails wrt Ruby.

We all know that Ruby is an Object-oriented language, and while that’s true we can still use Ruby in a purely functional way. It won’t be much Rubyish if we did that though, so let’s see what bits we can do with Ruby that are inspired from functional programming.


Back to Basics |Write Better Code

“Good design adds value faster than it adds cost.”

This article will cover what SOLID principles are in detail and why we should use them. As we all know, code tends to evolve over time, we write it, and then we come back to…

Ruby is an object oriented programming language.

Now for the uninitiated let’s start with the beginning. To understand the concept of a class let’s take an example of a real world physical entity, a dog, which will represent a class. There can be many dogs with same behaviour(or states). …

Storytelling is a way to connect with others, it will help you inspire, lead, create an impact on others, and much more.

In this article, we will look into how to become a better storyteller by compressing stories into bite-sized pieces, making ideas more interesting by telling them in simple…

One day I stumbled upon this awesome site called “Exercism”. It mainly focuses on improving your skills via Deep Practice & Crowdsourced Mentorship, Strengthening your problem-solving skills by guiding others through the process.

I got hooked onto it and then I thought why not share my learning with all. Being a Ruby programmer, my notes are Ruby based.


Before tackling any program/problem/challenge you should keep certain points in your mind. Some are general, some are more language specific.

Some questions you might want…

Pull out the wildest twig of your lesser known self and imagine — A small kid whirling around farms, treasuring and savoring raw mangoes, slinging mud shots in all possible directions(oops someone got hit!!), transforming into a plane with winds, bantering around with friends, becoming an acrobat on cycle, getting…

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