Pull out the wildest twig of your lesser known self and imagine — A small kid whirling around farms, treasuring and savoring raw mangoes, slinging mud shots in all possible directions(oops someone got hit!!), transforming into a plane with winds, bantering around with friends, becoming an acrobat on cycle, getting some bruises ameliorated with turmeric latte and mom’s crossed eyes. Isn’t that kid one of us and those were some of the best memories of our childhood?? I would say these are one of the most revered memories of anyone’s life and obviously, that fails to exclude mine.
What if you get to relive all those moments?? Believe me, there is no greater happiness in the world. I got a chance to experience this with The Big Bison. We went camping at a riverside camping area, not more than 5 km away from Lavasa and Man!!!, it was not anything less than striking a pot of gold. I had a chance to time travel, glide through best memories of memory lane and yes, add many more to the list.

Playing with Blakie the Dog :P

The journey began with us having the best mango milkshake in the town. After covering a few kilometers on wheels, we left the humdrum of fast-paced Pune city and ventured into the vicinity of green suburbs. What is better than a single scoop of ice-cream? A double scoop!!. Our second scoop was a garden marked with mango-laden trees. Believe me, if an apple had ever laid a spell on Snow White then those raw-n-ripe mangoes were distantly related to genes of Snow White’s apple. The spell kicked the long-forgotten kid in us. We brought our car to a halt, got down and summoned Arjuna’s soul :D Pebbles-small or big, twigs-twisted or torn, none were spared from our conquest to get some mangoes from those trees. A giraffe-friend even tried lowering the tree branch to get our hands on those yummy raw mangoes.

Yummy organic forest grown berries :P

Who knows where a couple of hours flew? Those stunts and laughter were enough to ignite hunger pangs. We relished some yummy sandwiches which we had prepared beforehand. With prized possession of few ripe mangoes, we veered out to our destination. We reached our destination just before the flaming orange globe was going to end its shift and douse its fire.

Chicken, yom yom!!

We started preparing bonfire, setting our tents and doing a general bantering around the palace. As soon as nature spread its grayish canvas, we were ready for the party. Real party means the bar is open!! We had a birthday-boy(read kid) among us and hence we got a chance to play Holi with cake. A big riverside and not a single dwelling in sight gave us a lot of unmarked track to run crazily. Chasing became so much fun!! Crazy pics, playing with humans or dogs, and let us not forget some good old teasing. A lot was food was already marinated, bbqed and presented on platters. Tired and bbq-stuffed souls then sat down to play Pictionary, in dark night, in the drunken stupor. Guess how easy it would have been to concentrate on doodling sentences like “Tip tip barsa pani”.

The serenity of nature.

The next course of action was rather difficult. Very difficult actually. Sleep or enjoy the serenity of this calm land? Think about Mondays or let yourself loose in cool breezes of riverside? Who knew staring at a starry night sky would still be so engaging yet intriguing? But the slumbering land was not ready to wait anymore. Slept like a small child. A restful sleep away from all the conundrums of the life :). Waking up by the warmth of sun’s rays, pampering bare feet with dew-drops on the grass. Feels like someone is massaging your feet. As if cloud nine lied somewhere there, a storey above. Then comes the swings on tree and slides, playing with Blackie the dog.

Swing fest!!

Time asked us to move on, the amazing trip ended but something new began. Will tell you what in the next blog. Stay tuned in :)

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